Song of the Week

Overture to Candide by Leonard Bernstein

There is something about a composer conducting one of his own compositions. I have always wondered what it’s like. It’s HIS piece of music. Those are HIS chords, HIS melodies, HIS transitions. He spends weeks, months, maybe even years if he’s Beethoven or Brahms, crafting his composition. He knows it inside and out. God gave it to HIM, not to anybody else. Watching Lenny conduct one of his own pieces gives me chills. He is in complete control. Just look at him… He’s so comfortable. He knows exactly how to execute the piece. He knows what it’s capable of, just as a mother knows what her child is capable of.

Last weekend, I attended a Detroit Symphony Orchestra concert. It was their 20th annual “Salute to America” concert where they play tunes by American composers in honor of Independence Day. Their first tune was this overture. I never heard Lenny’s masterpiece performed live before, so this concert was especially touching. The DSO did a wonderful job! Not only with the overture, but with all of the pieces they played!

I hope that you all enjoy this wonderful piece of music! Let it speak to you as you would any other song.

Hopefully the heat isn’t too bad for everyone! It got into the hundreds here this past week. I’m not complaining!! 🙂 Stay cool

-Live and love your life!


About doowopdoowah

Hello and welcome! This site is dedicated to the incredible music known as “doo wop” from the 1950s and 1960s. As a college student studying psychology and music, I am fascinated by the soul and passion that lives within the many songs from these unique times. “Doo wop” is an indelible style of popular music that filled the airwaves and hearts of those throughout the 1950s and 1960s. This music is soulful, passionate, and also romantic. Moreover, this music is nostalgic. Many might say that the nostalgia comes from the individual memories and experiences people had with this music back in the day (at the diners, the drive-in movies, in the backseat of the ’57 Chevy, on the street corners). However, as a young adult who certainly did not live through the 1950s and 1960s, I also become very nostalgic when listening to this music. There is an innocence to it, a certain romantic charm that warms the heart and brings a few tears. I acknowledge that everyone experiences music differently. We all have individual tastes, favorites. Some may not find this music "nostalgic." Furthermore, many people today have no idea what “doo wop” even is. However, the truth is, we have all experienced doo wop at some point in our lives, whether it was while watching a movie, a TV show, or scrolling through the Sirius or XM radio stations. You might have even experienced it while listening to Meghan Trainor (Yes, doo wop music is still recorded and produced today)! The purpose of this site is to share and reflect upon some great music from a very tumultuous time in history, and also upon the legacy this music has left. I hope this site allows people of all ages to see that doo wop is a spirit, a zeitgeist from a chaotic time in America when people were divided and could turn only to their own voices to express their passion and angst. Indeed, the nostalgia and passion of doo wop lies not only in the memories and experiences from way back when; it lies within the music. ABOUT ME I have been on WordPress now for about seven years. While writing has never been my strongest suit, I do tend to enjoy it, and this is my space to sort of practice. So, I apologize in advance if I may sound as though I am rambling and making no sense in my posts. I’m currently a graduate student (had to update this) who loves talking, learning, playings and listening to music, connecting with others, and studying things. I LOVE classical music, Beethoven, 50s/60s pop and so much more. I am passionate about movies, Broadway, singing and performing. I am also passionate about mental health and well being. Anything psychology, really. It seems that I never stop learning about people, even those that I think I know so well, including myself. The world is a big place, with lots of people and lots of stories. I enjoy traveling around, meeting others and hearing their stories, as well as experiencing the culture of a place. My favorite places include NYC, Los Angeles, Charleston, SC and of course my home, Detroit. I look forward to exploring these places more and traveling to new places. My idols include Leonard Bernstein, arguably the BEST conductor ever. His passion for music and teaching has definitely inspired me to study music beyond its surface, and to talk about it. I also admire Ludwig van Beethoven and his brilliant music and resilience. I also admire Goldie Hawn, one of my favorite actresses and a huge proponent of positive psychology and teaching young kids about mindfulness and tuning into their feelings. I find this to be so important today with even more chaos going on in the world. I also grew up watching her movies and have always admired her dynamic personality. I await her big comeback to the screen… I hope it will happen! Other than that, I believe we all have the power to inspire each other and I think we should use that power more often. I hope that we can inspire each other by reflecting on great music - and other things too! It's interesting because my initial blog, liveloveyourlife was never meant to be a music blog. However, after sorting through my posts, 90% of it is music.. Oops! I try to tie the music into other aspects, but those messages tend to be difficult to convey sometimes, but I try my best. Doowopdoowah on the other hand is purely a music blog and will be where I write the most. I hope you can connect with something, and please, reach out, and share your thoughts and feelings! Read (and LISTEN) on!

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  1. Isn’t it such a lovely piece?? His music is just as brilliant as his conducting! Thanks for listening 🙂

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