Song of the Week

Diana by Paul Anka

It’s interesting because whenever I take a liking to a certain pop song, I always tend to get tired of that song after a week or so. However, how is it that I am NOT tired of this song? I first heard this song a few years ago via Pandora, and I’ve liked it ever since. Every time I hear it I become excited. There’s something so fresh about it. Perhaps Paul Anka’s rich voice. Or that up-beat tempo. Or those charming lyrics. Or all three!

One of my favorite things to do with this song, is switch the name out. Basically, pick a name with the three syllables, and replace it with “Diana!” It’s a blast! AND, you could really make somebody’s day!! :) Two syllables works fine too, you just have to hold that second syllable out a little longer! Boy am I easily amused……

I hope everyone has welcomed August into their lives. Honestly, I didn’t even realize when August 1st came… I was still in July mode! I’m sorry, August!

-Live and love your life!

About liveloveyourlife

Hello! I was very hesitant to start this blog and have thought long and hard about it for months. I have always been afraid of writing but recently discovered that it really isn't too bad. I'm a high school student who loves to talk, play and listen to music, learn, meet new people, research, and study just about anything. I LOVE United States History, social psychology, teaching, and classical music. Two of my favorite things to do everyday are interact with people, and watch people interact with each other. I am a perfectionist who loves to get the job done (on time). I am also a sucker for movies... I could spend a whole day watching movies. I also enjoy reading; however, I have a hard time motivating myself to read. I love to travel and would love to go to New York City (because of my passion towards people and city life), Washington D.C. (my love for history and politics), Boston (just seems like a really awesome place), Los Angeles- or any other Southern Californian city (I have an obsession over Southern Californian architecture), and Italy (I am very proud of my Italian culture, and I do have relatives in Italy who I've never even met!!)... These are just the places on the top of my head!!! I have many idols who continue to swap the number one spot on my "list of idols" very often. Currently, my number one male idol is Leonard Bernstein (the BEST conductor ever), and my number one female idol is Goldie Hawn (the BEST actress ever). Other than that, one of my biggest lifetime goals is to inspire as many people as possible. I believe we all have the power to inspire each other and I think we should use that power more often. I also love life and encourage myself and everybody I know to live it to the fullest. You should never ever live the same day twice!

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