Hello and welcome!

I have been on WordPress now for about three years – doesn’t seem like it’s been that long. I was hesitant to start this blog and contemplated doing it for months. Writing has never been a strong suit, however, after practicing and reading and more practicing, I recently discovered that I do indeed enjoy it, and this is my space to sort of practice – so I apologize in advance if I may sound as though I am rambling, making no sense. I’m currently a college student (had to update this) who loves to talk, to play and listen to music, to learn, to meet new people, and to study just about anything. I LOVE classical music, Beethoven, 50s/60s pop and so much more, United States History, social psychology, developmental psychology, clinical psychology, positive psychology (anything psychology, really), and nature. I try to learn something new about myself everyday. I try to meet somebody new everyday. And I try to meditate everyday, using music and nature as my guide. There is nothing more beautiful than the seasons shifting, especially from winter to spring.

I am also a sucker for movies… I could spend a whole day watching them. I do enjoy reading; however, I have a hard time motivating myself to read. I enjoy travelling and would like to visit New York City, Washington D.C., Boston, Los Angeles or any other Southern Californian city (Southern Californian architecture is just beautiful), and Italy. Unfortunately, I have yet to go to any of these places, but the goal is to visit before I reach 25.

I have many idols. Currently, my number one male idol/s are Leonard Bernstein (the BEST conductor ever) and Ludwig van Beethoven. Both constantly inspire me to learn more about music and teach others about great music. My number one female idol is Goldie Hawn (the BEST actress and happiness activist ever). I grew up watching her movies and she is one of the most honest actresses I know of. I’m still waiting for for her to make her big comeback… I know it will happen!!

Other than that, one of my biggest lifetime goals is to inspire as many people as possible, and to be inspired by as many people as possible. I believe we all have the power to inspire each other and I think we should use that power more often. I also love life and encourage myself and anybody I know to live it to the fullest, which takes me to the point of this blog. I recognize that many people see this as a cliche, however, life is a brilliant gift, and it is up to us to make the most of it. Easier said than done… But simple things matter!! I usually try to stay loyal to blogging but that is also something easier said than done. This blog in particular was never meant to be a music blog, however, sorting through my posts, 90% of it is music.. Oops! I try to tie the music into other aspects, but those messages tend to be difficult to convey sometimes, but I try my best. I really hope that by visiting and reading, you will become inspired to do something great either for yourself or for somebody else. I do not get too many viewers and commenters, but anytime I do, I love hearing getting feedback and hearing stories, or just hearing a friendly “Hello.” So please, reach out, share your thoughts and feelings, and enjoy my very small corner on the Internet! Read (and LISTEN) on!

  1. Bonjour Antony, je salue vos ambitions et votre perspicacité, et vous remercie de me suivre.

  2. I like your attitude! Keep it up. As a friend once told me: “Don’t let anyone take away that smile.”

  3. I want to let you know how much I enjoy and am inspired by your blog. I want to give you The Very Inspiring Blogger Award! http://motherwifestudentworker.wordpress.com/2012/04/18/very-inspiring-blogger-award/
    Keep up the great work!

  4. gr8 blog. Idk if you know who this is tho. lol. just think about corbin blu and you’ll know~

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