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When Lovers Part – The Lonely Ones

Telling the tale of romantic break-up through a doo-wop song. Kinda sad, kinda nostalgic, VERY doo-wop!

Source: When Lovers Part – The Lonely Ones

You Don’t Own Me – Lesley & The First Wives

Two beautiful renditions of “You Don’t Own Me.” A TRUE anthem and declaration of independence! Descending from and also objecting to the doo wop tradition! Inspiring!!

Source: You Don’t Own Me – Lesley & The First Wives

My Angel Lover – The Cleftones

Source: My Angel Lover – The Cleftones

Fast. Romantic. Nostalgic. It’s doo wop!!! Summer is still here and I hope she’ll stay for a while….

My Love is True – The Royal Halos

Reminiscing about summer with a doo wop song from the BEGINNING of the summer….. Why does summer have to end?

Source: My Love is True – The Royal Halos

Come on Little Angel – The Belmonts

Come on Little Angel – The Belmonts.

“Round and a round and a up and down, ohhhh round and a round and a up and down…” Finally, a doo wop song to dance to!!

Put Your Head On My Shoulder – Paul Anka

“Put your head on my shoulder, hold me in your arms… BABYYYYYYY. Squeeze me oh so tight, SHOW MEEEEE, that you love me tooo..” Gorgeous doo wop song by Paul Anka!!

Put Your Head On My Shoulder – Paul Anka.

The Closer You Are – The Channels

The Closer You Are – The Channels.

Reflecting on a beautiful doo wop song and a beautiful day at the 2015 Woodward Dream Cruise!!! Cruise on, Detroit!!

My Own True Love – The Duprees

My Own True Love – The Duprees.

A doo wop song based on “Tara’s Theme” from Gone With the Wind! Just fabulous!!

There She Goes – The Paramours


So much passion conveyed via the voice and very few REAL instruments! Incredible song!

Originally posted on doowopdoowah:

The lead singer of this great song may sound familiar. His name is Bill Medley, who just so happened to sing in the duo group called the Righteous Brothers. The Righteous Brothers sang the gorgeous song “Unchained Melody” most known from the film Ghost starring Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore, and Whoopi Goldberg.

Before the Righteous Brothers became the Righteous Brothers, they sang in this group of four called the Paramours. Their song, “There She Goes” from 1962 is quite different from the other songs I shared recently. Most notably, this song is not as romantic. It is more direct, concrete. There is no talk of stars or the sky or night or spring. Our lead singer soulfully pours out his feelings about a girl that has left him, or IS LEAVING him. Note the present tense of this song! It’s incredibly forthright, as though we are experiencing the situation as…

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New Blog!!! Check it out!!

Hello Readers!

I’ve recently started a new site here on WordPress!! Yay!!

The new site is linked to liveloveyourlife in that it is solely dedicated to something that I love very much, something that makes my life way more enjoyable. The new site is a music blog which celebrates the great doo wop music of the 1950s and 1960s. Many of you are probably like, “oh dear, not the doo wop stuff again!!” As you might have noticed, my original blog sort of evolved into a music-type blog, where I shared quite a few old songs and “analyzed” them. My intention was never really to start a music blog, heck, I don’t even think I had a clear intention when I started liveloveyourlife 4 or 5 years ago. However, over these past few years while writing on here very sporadically, I’ve learned that liveloveyourlife was really a direct message to me. It was me telling myself to liveloveMYlife. Now that I’m halfway through college and I reflect back on this blog, I’ve realized that much of what I posted on here is what makes my life more enjoyable. These things are things that I love, things that make living life way more… fun (for lack of better terms!!)!!

I realize that I do not blog on liveloveyourlife much anymore, and I also realize that the viewing traffic on here is mostly contingent. However, I know that people from many places do see this blog for many different reasons. The new blog (or site, whatever you want to call it) is certainly not for everyone. I realize that doo wop music was “popular” many years ago. And I also realize that many people probably have no idea what doo wop even is!! But just because something was popular a long time ago, does not mean that it’s still not charming or beautiful. More importantly, I think the key to creating beautiful music in the future is to listen to the beautiful music from the past. Ultimately, the new site is meant to start some conversations about this music. I realize you can go on Youtube and start conversations in the comments area, but this new blog aims to sort of look at the music on a deeper level. It sort of seeks to define doo wop music in a more profound way, not just based on certain music conventions or technicalities.

Whether or not you’re into doo wop music, check it out and maybe listen to a few songs here and there. And please pass the site along to anyone who may be interested!!

Thanks for reading!!

-Live and love your life!


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