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This Magic Moment – Acapella Soul & The Drifters

NYC is certainly a magical place filled with many magical moments! Beautiful.

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To continue the spirit from a few posts ago discussing doo wop and New York City, this post is perhaps the greatest testament to doo wop in the city. We must not forget that music, no matter what kind, is a social experience. A song acquires some of its power from the mere fact that […]

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Dreaming of You – The Kaptions — doowopdoowah

Especially good for gogo dancing!!! Music and dance are sometimes the only solace when faced with difficult/tragic times… Enjoy as we welcome in 2017!

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Sometimes, only music can bring solace in a world faced with so much tragedy and heartache – especially in this past year. As 2016 draws to a close, I reflect on the tumultuousness it brought with it. Perhaps one of the only positive things about 2016, at least living in the Midwest, was the good […]

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Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!

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An iconic and FAVORITE Christmas song!!! Oh, and did I mention, it’s DOO WOP!! Darlene Love has been singing this song on TV for years. This time she gets a special accompaniment by Patti LaBelle! Interestingly, Patti LaBelle, although not often regarded for such, also sang doo wop back in the early 1960s. Like Aretha […]

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Uptown – Original cast of Beautiful — doowopdoowah

Takes me right back to the streets of NYC — hustling about 8th Ave around dinnertime to make it to the Stephen Sondheim Theatre in time for opening act of Beautiful!! Absolutely beautiful memories — I did have a chance to go Downtown too (Financial District and SoHo/NoHo, where my heart still wanders)….

A dream of mine came true this past August. For the first time, I visited New York City!! For as long as I can remember, I have always been infatuated with cities. The sea of skyscrapers, walk-ups, diners, cafes, masses of people flooding the streets and subway stations beneath the streets. New York City is […]

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First Love by Tracy Pendarvis — doowopdoowah

Very thankful for this beautiful song!! Not only has this song come to represent the youth and green of summer, but also the maturation and orange of the fall. Summer has just let go of the midwest — very gritty this year, just like this song!

Happy Thanksgiving, Live Love Your Life!

I am sharing now a song that should have been shared a few months ago, at the end of summer. I discovered this song, “First Love” by Tracy Pendarvis in late May. As soon as I heard it, I instantly fell in love, and since May, it has been one of my favorite songs. I […]

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The Only Girl For Me – The Roomates — doowopdoowah

Love love LOVE this doo wop song!! Music definitely softens, at least a little, even the hardest of times. It takes us to another world, within our own selves. I think everyone can somehow relate to this song…

“The Only Girl for Me” is a song by the original Roomates, a doo wop group from Queens, New York. This song is rather obscure, in that not much information exists on it. It also seems to be quite difficult to purchase. Thank goodness for YouTube! While this song might be obscure, it definitely features […]

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Sleepwalk – Santo & Johnny — doowopdoowah

Those After Vacation Feelings.. My heart still wanders the beach and the city of Charleston, SC.

Here’s another post that’s been a longtime coming, especially after this past week. Upon returning home from a weeklong trip to South Carolina, the ocean has been on my mind constantly. While South Carolina may not be the first place that comes to mind when thinking “ocean,” or “beach,” the state has a beautiful stretch […]

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Those Magic Changes – Sha Na Na

Have you watched Grease LIVE yet?! ❤

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Dream Angel – The Crystalairs

Such a nostalgic pseudo-doo wop song… Very unique melody and voice, too! “It’s not wise to love a dream wait and see…”

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He’s Sure the Boy I Love – Darlene Love & the Blossoms

Source: He’s Sure the Boy I Love – Darlene Love & the Blossoms

Fabulous doo wop song by some great women!! Girl power!!